A little about AIRO ....

The first idea for the production of pet attacked us after a few months of our marriage with our labrador puppies Aireen. We could not find what we Aireenku Scháněl and so it came to its own production. After the first nest we thought it would be good to bring something new to the market and thus the idea for a business ....
Brand AIRO was created by combining the first syllables of my name and Aireenky.

And as time went with us?

2010 - came the idea to produce something for the dogs and so we started with handmade maternity boxes in unusual combinations and guides, we started a smaller dog show here in the Czech Republic
2011 - we have extended the range of production collars and set up our first e-shop
2012 - start with the production of harnesses and visit also big international dog show in Czech Republic
2013 - We expanded the production of embroidered collars and harnesses while on lined neoprene. At the end of the year we start to ride and exhibitions in Austria.
2014 - continuing with the production and expands the color palette straps and wetsuits. Now we offer 20 colors and 18 colors of belts wetsuits.
We set the size of the table by which we produce, but we do not even atypical production ... after all dogs grow according to our tables :)

We invite you to tour our e-shop

To cope with something? Do you need help? Do not hesitate to write ...

Aireen De Interconfianza

Romana Vlčková                                                                                                                    
e-mail: info@airo.cz